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Smart Doorbells – The Hottest Tech for Your Home at the Moment

When it comes to smart tech for the home, there is a very hot trend that has emerged for 2021, and that is the use of smart doorbells. With so many people turning to online shopping during the pandemic, the amount of home deliveries has really skyrocketed and suddenly the need for an extra level of home security has arisen, thus pushing these smart doorbells into the trending category.

But what are the standout features of these smart doorbells? How can they enhance your home security? How has the technology improved? And, how easy are these smart devices to install on your own? Let’s peel back the layers and take a closer look at this trending tech.

Standout Features that Make the Technology Useful

Any time you look at investing in smart technology for the home, it has to offer you some kind of benefit and enhance your day-to-day life in some way or another. This is exactly what the features of these smart doorbells aim to satisfy. Of course, each doorbell will have its own list of features, but in general, you can look forward to such things as:

  • Two-way audio so you can speak to the person at your door
  • The ability to see people at your door when they arrive using a companion app on your smartphone (you can be anywhere and see this information)
  • Get alerts when someone is at your door
  • Record videos of people arriving or take still photos
  • Get alerts when packages are delivered
  • Deter thieves since you will remotely answer your door, giving the impression you are there
  • There’s no need to open your door until you see who is there (a safety feature)

How Has the Technology Advanced?

In terms of advanced technology, where these devices have really improved is the quality of the video, photos, and audio that is offered through the smart doorbell. For example, if you take a still picture or video of a suspicious person to share with police, the quality is much sharper which can help them identify that person much easier.

Some are even predicting that facial recognition will be part of the next generation of these smart devices, identifying people that much faster. And that’s not just intruders; you can also identify friends and family quickly.

Is It Difficult to Install a Smart Doorbell?

Another question that homeowners can have is how difficult these smart doorbells are to install yourself. Sure, you may be convinced that you need the technology and it would make your house safer and of course more convenient, but just how advanced is the installation?

As this handy installation guide on smart doorbells shows, these are much easier to install than you may think. In fact, it doesn’t take any sort of tech know-how, and it’s relatively straightforward and quick. A device such as the Nest doorbell will be wired, so there will be some specific steps to follow with the wiring, but again, it’s relatively simple.

So, if you’re looking to enhance functionality, safety and security in the home, you may want to look into these smart doorbells and what they can offer.