Sky City: The World Tallest Building To be Built In China

Sky City The World’s Tallest Building In Future

The world’s tallest building will be built in next few months in Changsha, China. The building will be named Sky City. It will be 838 meters high, 20 meters higher than the Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest building. Apart form its height, the building will be constructed in record time. The Chinese construction team has announced that it will complete the construction work in just 90 days and on average 2.5 floors will be built each day. This is the same company that had built a 30-storey hotel that is able to withstand an earthquake of magnitude 9 on Richter scale, in just 15 days. The skyscraper will have 220 ​​floors and can provide residence to 31,000 people. Only 3% of the building space will be reserved for offices. The complex will also include a hotel that can accommodate 1,000 people and a school of 4,600 school children. The construction cost is approximately € 485 million, far less than the cost of Burj Khalifa .

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Garden for a roof top party madness
Private garden and helipad
Flash construction of Sky City

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