Researchers Develop A Device That Can Read Your Thoughts

Researchers Develop A Device That Can Read Your Thoughts-

What if someone could listen to the little voice in your head? Researchers have developed a device which is capable of decoding your thoughts. This technique could be particularly useful for people unable to speak. We explain to you this great scientific achievement.

Researchers at the University of California, Berkeley, have developed a device which analyzes your brain activity to decode what you are thinking. In order to achieve this, the researchers first asked a group of people to read some text aloud and analyzed the pattern of their brain activity. When you hear someone, the sound waves are processed by the nerve cells in your inner ear. This sensory information is then relayed to the brain for its interpretation into words. Scientists at the University of California therefore researched into the question if speaking aloud or reading activated the same brain neurons.

The scientists studied the brain activity of 7 patients who were to be operated upon for epilepsy. They achieved this by using a technique known as electrocorticography. This technique involves the use of electrodes which are placed on the brain surface. The patients were asked to read some text aloud and then silently. This helped them to identify the neurons activated and their activation pattern to decode some of the words. Scientists were able to translate some of the words thought by the volunteers.

The scientists then conducted more experiments to refine their understanding. According to Brian Pasley, the leader of the team of scientists, these experiements allowed them to better understand the functions of different parts of the brain. However, the results though quite encouraging but still not sufficient enough to completely understand what a person wants speak. Scientists are now trying to understand the decoding of more words, punctuation and speech rates.

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Even if the research is still in its infancy, this device could change the lives of people who are unable to speak. Some of us are already thinking that this new discovery can help disappear the barriers that exist due to different languages. Would you get disturbed if someone is able to listen to the little voice inside your head?