Rachio Iro- An Irrigation Controller For Lawns Of Smart Homes


In the US, watering and tending one’s lawn is a popular pass time. Now, there is an app to automate this process. This innovative solution also ensures that water is not wasted during the process as California is suffering from a severe water drought nowadays. 

Nowadays, most Americans living in California want to retain their love for watering the garden at one hand while on the other hand California is also suffering from one of the worst droughts in years. A new US startup Rachio has invented an innovative solution to this problem: the smart irrigation. This intelligent system called Rachio Iro, automates the watering of your lawn to save up water resources. Using a control box connected to wifi and a mobile application, you can set up to 16 zones and classify them according to soil type, sun exposure, vegetation etc. This data along with the real-time weather and your watering habits is analyzed to prepare a watering schedule. So, Iro itself manages all the schedule of irrigation in an optimal way so that you can enjoy with your dog and other hobbies in free time. More details can be seen in this video below:

YouTube Preview Image




We are really impressed by this innovative and useful solution. We hope that it would be quite useful in preventing the waste of water. And you, would you like to use this app in your lawn?