Modular Home by Atterial SAD project

Port X: An Environment Friendly Modular Home For Ground Or Sea

Home is the name of comfortability and peace. Architecture of the homes has been evolving since the birth of humanity. Now there is a new concept about a floating and modular home. It is like, wherever you want to build your home, you may either on the ground or on the sea. Well, it feels great to live in a floating home. A Czech architecture firm, Atelier SAD, has recently developed a modular home that can be installed either on ground or on the water. This rare type of home comes in many sizes and even has the capability of expansion on demand. This dwelling place is named as Port X.

The interior is made up of mainly wood floor, terrace, ceilings and walls. Rooms are built by simply making plasterboard walls for separation. There are plenty of cabinets in the lobby and bedrooms. A very pretty and up to date kitchen is also made available with this home. The lavish kitchen is equipped with refrigerator, dishwasher, washing machine and a sink. To give a natural lighting, a mixture of skylight and windows opening is provided with. To offer electric light, LED lights are used.

Modular Home by Atterial SAD project
Now Your Home May Be Placed on the Floor or on Water
Interior of Port C home
Interior is Made of Wood with Bedrooms Separated using a Sheet
Port X Home in Prague Ready for Exhibition Developed by a Czech Firm on the Back of a River
Port X Home in Prague Ready for Exhibition Developed by a Czech Firm on the Back of a River

Three-module Port X is the smallest one designed for a single person with a floor space of 50 sq m in which the terrace is also included. Five-module is made for a family to live with comfort. It has 78 Sq m with terrace. But what if the family grows? Well, the architects have already answered this question by allowing addition of new modules. 10-module home is also developed for business exhibition and a showroom type home. All the sizes are either on or off-grid.

Port X Home with lights
Port X Home at Night with Amazing Lights

Now, it is again the choice of the customer whether he goes for the land-based Port X or a boat house. Both are made available for the customers. The homes also has solar cells as well as wind turbine. This allows the dwellers to go off-grid if needed. Atelier says, “The home is relatively easy to dismantle and move to another location.” The very first prototype is made available for use at the bank of a river in Prague. It is ready for sale with a price starting from US$ 225,000 for land-based home while US$ 248,000 for boat house.