Indie game development

Navigating Indie Game Development Pros And Cons

Indie game development may seem entirely foreign, although, the concept of Indie, or individual, game development is far more popular than you may expect. With so many incredible learning opportunities made so readily available online, almost anyone with a passion for tech can learn development in various categories. Accessibility has increased as online learning platforms have become the most affordable method of achieving qualifications. As a direct result, many developers opt to create apps and other innovative creations in their spare time, which ultimately nourished the groundwork for an entire world of opportunities for tech lovers.

However, there are quite a few relevant pros and cons of indie development. Therefore, before you get started on your next project, you should consider marketing strategies indie development requires to find success while also weighing the following pros and cons. The following identifies a few of the most prominent pros and cons, although, there are several other relevant pros and cons that you should take into account when making your decision.

Creative Freedom vs A Tight Budget

While working as an indie developer is definitely the option for entrepreneurs in tech as it means that you will be able to let your creative professionalism run as wild and free as you wish, you will need to consider the con of having a tight budget. Because your project will not be funded by a business, your financial situation will determine your account for your project. However, this con can be overcome if you are willing to find means of funding your project.

Collaborate With Like-Minded Developers vs Dividing Your Time

For many creative minds, collaborating is most often an incredible experience as professionals can learn new skill sets from team members. If you will be working on the project as part of a small team of developers, there is no doubt you will develop new and useful skill sets. However, the con is that you will likely need to divide your time as scarce resources often render indie developments as side projects. Crafting a detailed plan to manage your time best is the best way to overcome this con and prevent it from affecting the quality of the app in question.

Comparing Indie To Studio Development

It is understandably challenging to compare the process of indie development to that of studio app development. While some professional developers would jump at the opportunity to showcase their skills for studio-based projects, others might long for the creative freedom condoned by indie development. Therefore, you would need to consider all the relevant pros and cons before deciding if indie development is the right career step for you.

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Working in a studio could mean that you never actually get to use your unique game ideas while working as an indie developer may hinder your ability to keep up to date with the constantly changing trends. Therefore, it could be agreed that a suitable common ground would be to work as an indie developer part-time as your finances allow or until you have managed to grasp success as a developer.