Make Amazing Holograms In Just Ten Minutes Using iPad

Make Amazing Holograms In Just Ten Minutes Using iPad-1

We got the intuition of this project from the video below which gives a new lift to Goku, the hero of Dragon Ball Z series. It was enough to arouse our enthusiasm and we hastened to pass this crucial information to our valuable readers. While browsing a little, we realized that the recipe that enabled this small visual prowess is only a few clicks away. To our surprise, it did not seem very complicated: a simple plastic pyramid. So we took the decision to make such a hologram ourselves.

YouTube Preview Image

List of ingredients:

  • An iPad tablet type
  • A transparent plastic sheet, rather rigid and shiny
  • A cutter
  • A pencil
  • Duct tape

First and the only difficulty is remembering the geometry classes from our childhood. Then we draw, cut and fold the plastic pattern with the following dimensions to make the plastic pyramid.

Make Amazing Holograms In Just Ten Minutes Using iPad-

Note that these dimensions are valid for an iPad tablet, but not for a smartphone of other dimensions. Depending on the size of your device, it will be necessary to adapt the dimensions of the pyramid.

Now you can proceed in two ways. Some will prefer to cut four triangles separately and assemble them later with tape. Others would prefer to cut all the four triangles together and then fold it delicately.

Make Amazing Holograms In Just Ten Minutes Using iPad-2

Now invert the pyramid and it is ready for use.

Make Amazing Holograms In Just Ten Minutes Using iPad-3

Then the next step is to find an animation video to be displayed on the tablet. Such video must have four  different views which will be reflected on the faces of our pyramid to create the hologram when pyramid is placed above or below the tablet (see the figure below). Nothing more simple: just type some combinations of keywords like “hologram”, “pyramid” and “holho” on YouTube to find a few videos. When video is played it is reflected on each face of the pyramid to gives us a 3D illusion.

Make Amazing Holograms In Just Ten Minutes Using iPad-1

Remember to turn off the light for an optimal view.
Take your time to to try out all the different videos that you find on the Web. In some cases the tablet has to be placed above the tablet as is the case in the video of Goku shown above.
Note however, that using the name hologram here is a bit misleading. Strictly speaking, the creation of a hologram requires the use of a laser beam, where our DIY merely reflects light.

Next step, to help you with the choice of videos we are giving you the list of our favorite videos.