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How Training And Development Helps To Notch Productivity

Most organizations end up spending a lot of time along with money on recruitment strategies, whereby they end up ignoring the aspect of retention of employees. In this era of dynamics, you not only need employees to merely survive on the job, but they need to be motivated to give out their best. At this juncture train effectivenesscomes into the picture.

People when trained leave their job and move over to better prospects. The reasons given by them are lack of proper pay, poor quality of profession development and even less career progression chances force them to take such a step. Here the learning or development team can go on to put a full stop to this attrition aspect, but can go on to control it to a considerable level.

The first step

An employee wants to see a smile on their face of their employees, though this could be a subjective term. It could translate from work culture, to professional development or maybe some form of money. Sometimes people tend to become so bored in a job that they leave it because of this aspect.

Rather than resorting to a trial or error method in order to figure out what suits an employee best, companies have to invest in a manner where the needs are evaluated via assessment tests. Not only will this be cost or time effective but would hit the bull in the eye. By these assessments it is going to provide a clear picture on what the employees lack and even the development team would be able to organize their actions in a better way. Once you have a clear picture in mind a viable call for action is the next step on route. Now how can you go on to solve it

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A proper work life balance

For a lot of people work life is important, but you have to balance it in order to achieve the desired happiness in your life. This means developing a proper work environment where employees are going to strength their productivity and even loyalty. People who have gone on to work other than office might not be able to cope up with the stress and even manage them. The demanding hours in terms of work not only disrupt the harmony of work but come up with a host of health risks. A combination of all of them is available to the employees in the form of productivity cost, performance and even absenteeism.

The onus lies on an organization to promote a healthy work environment through various mediums. This can be achieved by company lunch, overburden and even stress. The discussions with the employees pave way for a better decision making process. Even you can go on to consider relaxation techniques like yoga or mediation that is going to make the employee feel good about them. A combination of all these things is expected to bring a smile back on your face once you are aware that you reached the balance.


This means employee stock option plan. Here the company goes on to make an employee an equity partner of the company by providing them with a small compensation. This is going to install a sense of ownership among the employees. By doing so an employee starts feeling that they are more attached to the company and tries to align their individual goals with those of the organization. The series of cashless payment strategies work out to be an added bonus for the employee, whereby successful teams are formulated with a shared goal.


Words have a powerful tone to heal and keep it up, well done when an employee goes on to receive an appreciation they are on cloud nine. Nothing is going to work better than motivation when the company values the efforts of an employee and fosters them to perform better.

It is quiet natural that you might be feeling low, when your efforts are not rewarded. Without the desired motivation it is really not expected that an employee would be giving out their best.

Professional and career development

A survey went on to showcase the fact that employees with better career opportunities are likely to stick on to a job in comparison to people who do not do the desired job coupled with the fact that these employees went on to state that they would be staying for more time. The lookout for an employee is better job opportunities. Once you train them with better professional development opportunities it provides them with better chances for future responsibilities. Not only the companies can keep the employees happy but also train them to become better future leaders as well.

Before working upon the individual skills of an employee, human resource needs a groundwork of the skills that is needed to develop. This does call for an assessment test which is expected to make the task efficient and easier. Once an organization conducts such tests they are aware which the areas are that employees lack and work on the same to improve.

The moment staff members are confident so as to give their best they do become confident. This paves way for better satisfaction and even retention. This training along with development goes on to enhance the image of the company who really cares for their employees a lot. You do not want your employees to stagnate, as they need to become well grounded. In fact this might keep them engaged for a longer period of time.


Now the question that comes to the fore is that are you ready to take the plunge. Human beings are one of the salient features in the growth or even success of an organization. Each of them wants to feel valued and ensure a proper work and professional balance. In order to trim the gap between an employee and even a potential employer the organizations needs to take efforts that pushes the employees towards the path of success.