CocoSign Launched E Signature Solutions to Help SMBs Streamline Workflow Online During COVID 19

How to Sign Documents Online Free

Making online signatures has been in demand for quite a long time as it improves the work process for all business plans. Do you know how to create signs on documents online without paying anything? If yes, you can move past, but if you need to know how it can be done, you are in the right place. 

Here we will let you know how this will work, so you don’t have to look around anywhere else in search of the right information. Read this article till the end that whether switching to online signatures is suitable for you or not. 

Why Signing Documents Online?

To come up to today’s world’s excellence level, we all need to move towards advanced technology. We cannot deny its importance as it has various advantages. People can sign documents online whenever they need to save time and energy. This is one of the primary and foremost perks that we can associate with electronic signatures. 

Creating signatures online will help you do your professional and other essential documents signed within a couple of minutes. There is no need to remain physically present at the exact time in a specific place to do this manual work for yourself, as now you can do it via online processing.

This process takes a few minutes, and you can sign as many papers as you need to. These signs are easy to make as they give you many benefits. Apart from saving time and energy that you previously invest while making signs on essential documents, you can now stay miles away and do the work by only having an electronic device and internet connection. There is no need to do anything else as what you need has been already mentioned.

Users can now make business deals from wherever they want. They can broaden their professional circle because now you don’t have to wait for the other party to sign the papers and remain physically present in a decided place. Send the documents online and ask them to do their end of work.

We all have used papers all our lives and just now moved towards e-technology or at least thinking about it, but those who are still using papers for professional work or have used them enough know the struggle that comes with paperwork. 

Dealing and managing papers is a hell of a task as there are not many good people at it. There is also this possibility that you might lose documents or some confidential information gets leaked, and that would be not very comforting.

To save yourself from this trouble you can reduce the usage of papers and go for electronic signs. These are convenient, easy to make and are not time taken. You can save your energy and stamina for something useful and focus on your business plans. 

There are also environmental factors that can not be denied as if you follow them; they will make a huge difference. You can reduce the amount of paper usage and go green to help you eliminate deforestation. 

Within a couple of minutes, you can sign multiple documents or finalize deals within an instant. As you are not obliged to be present personally to do the signing work, they are easier than dealing with the hassle of paperwork that takes a lot of time and physical labour. 

You can also save the money you spent on buying papers, scanning, printing, and photocopying. This will help you pay that amount somewhere else, which is useful in saving money.

CocoSign as an Electronic App to Sign Documents Online

This cloud-based software is one of the finest choices that one can rely on in various situations. You will not find any other app better than this when it comes to security, ease of usage, and cost-effectiveness. 

With the help of this software, you can now make the signing process easy and smooth. All the work will be done quickly right from where you are, and you don’t need to bother yourself for anything. As this tool is cloud-based, you don’t need anything except electronic devices and an active account to do the work.

On the official website of CocoSign, you can check out a library of templates. Organizations can use these templates according to the demand for their work. These are being made according to the necessities of your work.

The tool is highly encrypted so if you are thinking about its being unsafe, leave your worries behind. The app gives you total control over the activities that are being done online or offline. You can monitor all the tasks being completed and know who is next in line needs to sign papers.

To use this application, you need to make a passcode and fingerprint for the sake of security. This will help you in securing your private information that might get leaked or hacked otherwise. All the activities can be seen in real-time, and you can find out within an instant what is happening with the documents that you uploaded previously.

It doesn’t matter what kind of business you are dealing with or in which sector it belongs to, CocoSign deals with all sorts of businesses and areas of companies regardless of the size and sector. You can also add images and text even after uploading the document.

All those in search of a cost-effective solution can go for CocoSign as it has different subscription plans for you to pick from. If your business is in the initial stages, you can go for the free plan and save your money, but if you have extended your work, you need to go for a paid plan. The best thing is that you can switch to any plan according to the need of your work. 

To increase your work speed, you can share business tools with your business partners as with the help of them they will do their side of work within a short time, and you would be able to complete your job as early as possible.

Using CocoSign to Sign Documents Online 

1.    Type: You Need to write your first and last name and choose an appropriate typeface. 

2.    Draw: Try out a pointer, so you would be able to draw your imprint. 

3.    Upload: In the end, move a breadth, picture, or other saved photographs of your imprint. 


We hope that the above information would be enough for you in getting to know about this fantastic application that can help you in signing papers online without spending anything on it. Many other tools can do this work for you, but the ease of usage and safety that come slang with CocoSign will never be found anywhere else. 

Enhance your workflow and go for e-signatures if you want to do your work as quickly as possible. Use CocoSign and make your professional life easy and stress-free. We hope that you would love using it. Let us know if you have any query regarding this app.