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How To Choose A Recruitment & Staffing Service Company

Although many of you might have sent job applications to various companies, but most of the times they do not respond, and this might be quite frustrating experience.

In the review of this article, we propose recommendations as an alternative means to get a job, i.e., by choosing a Recruitment & Staffing Service agent.

At present, the number of such companies has greatly increased. A Recruitment & Staffing Service company should be able to provide professional and creative staffing needs of a company, as such employees are important for the survival and progress of a company.

Most Recruitment & Staffing Service companies provide workers for various positions such as creative staff, administrative staff, expert staff, technical and creative marketing, IT Staff, security, production operators, and so on. So there are a plenty of opportunities if you choose to work through a Recruitment & Staffing Service company.

You must remain cautious when choosing a Recruitment & Staffing company because there are also a lot of fraud companies out there.

Here are recommendations on finding job openings through a Recruitment & Staffing Service company so that you won’t be fooled by them

1. Term of agreement.

Make sure the the recruitment company provides a contract to you with the contract period mentioned in it. Also make sure that the company follows these terms and agreements.

2. Working hours.

Inquire about the office timings of the companies in which they are looking to place you.

3. Salary allowances.

You should be very clear about the net amount of payment you are going to receive after deduction charges by the Recruitment & Staffing Service company.

4. Position and tasks.

Make sure about your position in the company and what duties and responsibilities you will have while working in the company.

5. Work location.

Inquire about the location of your office and if your job requires frequent travels.

6. Know the reputation of the Recruitment & Staffing Services company.

The easiest and most accurate way to find out about the reputation of the Recruitment & Employment Service is to ask your friends and people who are employed in that company. .

7. Stay calm and focused.

Even though the going and meeting the people of an employment company may be very reassuring, but you must stay focused understand every infomration that is being provided by the Recruitment & Staffing Service. So that you may not overlook any information/signs that may be harmdul for you in the future.

Also check what are the mechanisms in the companies to resolve work disputes. So vigilancy and accuracy is very important.

8. Be Honest

Be honest about yourselves, do not try to portray yourself as what you are not? But you should be able to express your capabilities and experience in a positive way.

9. Profile

One of the reasons why you are accepted by the company is because the company is interested in your profile. So making a good profile is very useful. So give a good profile information in your CV so that your perspective employer finds value in you.

Steps in implementing recruitment and selection by the company

The recruitment and selection process usually adopted by companies consists of several steps or stages. Below are the steps that are usually carried out in recruitment and selection:

  • Identify vacant positions and how many workers are needed.
  • Looking for position information through job analysis
  • If the requirements for the position are arranged, the next step is to determine where the right candidate should be sought.
  • Choose the most appropriate recruitment methods for the position.
  • Calling candidates who are deemed to meet job requirements
  • Screening / selecting candidates.
  • Make a job offer.
  • Start working.