Here’s How You Can Make A Candle Out Of Butter At Home


If you camp out often in the forest, you need to carry good flashlights with you. But what if your batteries run out and you do not have any candles with? Would you plan for such scenario or you would be content with spending the night under the stars without light. Well, we have a perfect solution for you. Make your own candle using butter that would be more reliable and more long lasting than candle of same size. The procedure to make such a candle was shown by The King of Random in one of his recent videos where he used simple items like toilet paper, butter stick and toothpick to make such a candle.


The paper is placed in the butter bar using tooth pick. When flame is shown to paper it burns like a wick in the candle. The flame liquidates the butter which then burns as an oil. One such candle can last upto four hours. See the video below to discover this very useful hack that may come handy when your flashlight batteries run out in the forest or you want some emergency light during a power outage.

YouTube Preview Image