35 HD Wood Wallpapers/Backgrounds For Free Download

Wood Wallpaper Background 39

Here, we have handpicked 35 wood backgrounds that you can use as wallpaper for your desktop. All these wallpapers are high definition, high quality and aesthetically good looking. They have a resolution of 1080p (1920×1080).

Wood is a fibrous and porous material that comes from stem, branches and roots of the plant and trees. We all know that Wood has been used as fuel and for the construction since thousands of years.  For the last many years, wood home construction is experiencing a steady growth for many years. The wood market represents about 5% of all new constructions and despite the crisis in the construction sector the demand of wood house has not decreased. A well-designed wood-based building can last for generations. Wood is a natural, biodegradable material. It is durable as evidenced by the perfectly intact wooden structures found in ancient Egyptian tombs of more than 3500 years. To simplify, it can be said that wood is practically eternal provided that it has been dried and kept away from moisture. Closer to home, many perfectly preserved wooden buildings dating from hundreds of years, provide evidence of the excellent durability of the wooden construction.

Wood construction allows for savings. Some of them are not directly related to the wood. The cost of foundations, for example, may be reduced due to the low weight of a wooden building, especially on the grounds of poor quality. In the case of extensions or raised structures the timber can provide particularly advantageous solutions. From the point of view of maintenance, repairs and transformations, a wood-based construction has many advantages. A crude wooden facade, for example, requires no maintenance.  Thanks to their excellent performance in terms of thermal insulation, these buildings provide optimal comfort in all seasons. The walls made of organic materials contribute decisively to get a comfortable residential climate, thanks to their ability to absorb and give back moisture from the ambient air.

In order to pay tribute to wood and all its advantages, our staff has handpicked 35 hd wallpapers in many different flavors like wood grain, faux wood, barn wood, black wood and rustic wood etc. Please do let us know about about your choice through the comments.  Similarly, if you think that some awesome wallpaper is not included in the list do let us know.