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36 Superb Navy Wallpapers In HD For Free Download

The beautiful selection of 36 high definition Navy wallpapers. These are available for free download and have a high definition resolution of 1080p (1920×1080). To download these wallpapers simply click on the wallpaper to enlarge it, then you can easily download and set as background.
Navy consists of watercraft along with the aviation/airplanes associated with it. The main purpose of the navy is to fight naval battles. The navy have two strategic purposes either its offensive or its defensive. In offensive strategy the navy project its forces beyond its country shores. In defensive strategy the navy protects its shore’s from the projection of forces by enemies. The word navy originates from the French term “navie” which signifies “fleet of ships”. This form of warfare was first introduced by the Roman Empire and ancient Greek. The place from where the navy operates is called a port and may have more than one ports. Navy ships can operate independently or with a group. Ships normally travel in convoys. The commander of convoy travels in the flagship, which is the most powerful vessel in the group. Prior to the invention of radio signal these ships used flags for signaling. At night signal lamps and flashing lights were used. Now-a-days radio communication signals are used for similar purpose. According to the tradition all the vessels commissioned into Navy are called as Naval ships. Except that the submarines are called as boats. When there is war, firing cannons is also used to pay tribute to someone as a signal of trust and respect. Navy ships are made robust enough so that they are able to withstand damage during the fight.
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