Green Wallpaper 36

45 HD Green Wallpapers/Backgrounds For Free Download

Here you can download 45 HD Green Wallpapers for free, they can be used as the background for your desktop. All of them are high quality with a high definition resolution of 1080p, that is, 1920 x1080. We hope that you would find our selection useful and according to your elegant taste. You can use it as a background on your iPad, PC or tablet.

If you feel tired after a day long work with the feeling of frustration or being tired and want to regain your energies for the next day, green wallpapers are ideal to make that happen. Green color is a beautiful depiction of universal love, serenity and balance.

Considered as a  middle color, green is considered soothing. Indeed, the green color is technically unstable and difficult to manufacture and control. It was not until 17th century that the green color lost its turbulent character. It was previously considered as an eccentric color in Europe, except in Germany. The jugglers and jesters dress in green. It represents the opportunity, the infidelity, the jealousy and immaturity. Green also has a negative side, as it also represented demons, dragons, spirits and evil creatures. It is associated with certain negative superstitions: the actors refuse to dress in green, green books would be the least sold.

I hope that you will find our selection of green wallpapers useful. When you choose a wallpaper for your device, click on it to enlarge it. Then you can download and set as the background for your device. Do let use know about your choice in the comments.