Graffiti Wallpaper 33

35 Handpicked Graffiti Wallpapers/Backgrounds For Free Download

Here, we present the most beautiful selection of Graffiti wallpapers/backgrounds that is available for free download. These high quality wallpapers are in high definition with a resolution of 1080p.

Graffiti is any writing or painting performed on walls, monuments or objects located on public space. Graffiti exists since ancient times, some examples of which date back to ancient Greece and in the Roman Empire. Graffiti can range from simple scratch marks to elaborate wall paintings. In modern times, spray paint and markers have become the most used tools. In most countries, drawing graffiti on the private property without the owner’s consent is considered vandalism, which is punishable by law. Sometimes graffiti is employed to communicate a political or social message. There are many characters and styles of graffiti, and it is a rapidly evolving form of art. The tunnels of the underground transport networks are common spots popular with graffiti. Many reasons explain the existence of graffiti. It may be used to broadcast a message, for example a clandestine political message. Some graffiti contains secret or public information pertaining to the site on which it is drawn.

We hope that you would find our handpicked selection of graffiti wallpapers as useful. In order to download the wallpaper of your choice simply click on it to enlarge it to the full resolution, then you can easily download it and set as the background of your device.