Cool Black And White Wallpapers Resolution 1920x1080-Desktop Backgrounds-20

70 HD Black And White Wallpapers For Free Download (Resolution 1080p)

Here we present black and white backgrounds that are well suited for your Windows or Mac desktop. All of them are in HD with a resolution of 1080p, that is, 1920×1080. We are offering them totally for free with no strings attached. You simply have to click on the wallpaper you  chose to enlarge it and then you can download it. Then you can simply make that image as your desktop wallpaper.

Perhaps the reason of our preference for the Black and white is rather a philosophical one. Black and white have always been used as a contrast like the one between darkness and light, as well as, evil and the good. However, we don’t delve too much into this philosophical discussion and keep ourselves limited to the black and white wallpapers that you would surely love to have. We are not much interested in the myths and stories behind the concept of the black and white. Anyway, life or the reality is never purely black and white, rather nuanced.

As the lovers of the Photography would recall that first photographs were black and white. It was in the mid of 20th century that the color photography became a common thing. Same is the case with the films, fewer films are now shot in black and white that only as an artistic choice. However, the use of black and white photography is still a choice of many photographers. Same is the case with many desktop users who want to use a black and white background for their computer.

These wallpapers also make us realize the importance of many this things that we take granted in the life. One of them is the importance of our eyesight that enables us to see and appreciate the beauty of the nature in its full colors. Please let us know what do you think about these wallpapers and if you think that there is some exceptional wallpaper that is not listed, please contact us so that it may be placed in this post for the benefit of everyone.