The Fantasy Of Flying Bus is A Reality Now-

From Visualization To Materialization: The Fantasy Of Flying Bus is A Reality Now

“Have you ever seen a bus hovering high in sky or flying up the ground?”, this quiz would surely click your mind visualizing the images of  “The Magic School Bus,” or that of  “Jetsons,” if you’re one of a cartoon addict. What if this visualization could be materialized & put into persona of reality? as they say: “What that can be visualized can certainly be materialized”. If this dream materializes we would be soon seeing a future where medical aids could be promptly provided by these Giant Air Buses flying in air. These vehicles like the magical rug of Aladdin will levitate in the clouds and comes to earth vertically straight wherever a help is demanded in emergency. Good news to know is ‘’what Advanced Tactics of El Segundo, California, USA has been doing,” directly tallies with our contemplations.

The Fantasy Of Flying Bus is A Reality Now-2

Recently, News has been aired that Advanced Tactics of El Segundo, California is in focus to develop such Vertical Take OFF and Landing Aircraft (VTOL Aircraft). The intention is to provide the speedy and agile medical facilities, emergency aids, and rescue & urgent health care services to the injured people more specifically the wounded soldiers at the battlefield. These Buses would be unmanned autonomous moving air vehicles that could land on the ground vertically straight and when they land they would be more like a normal bus. The purpose to get vertical landing and takeoff functionality is that most of the battlefields and other areas under natural disasters don’t have enough space for landing  air-vehicles, and thus use of conventional helicopters aren’t feasible at all in such spots.

The Fantasy Of Flying Bus is A Reality Now-

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The process of providing ‘’air medical services’’ has already been implemented as what we see in Medivac Operations, and by integrating the existing services with such coming technologies the chances of survival of these souls under risk will dramatically increase.

These Air Buses have been named as “Black Knight Transformer, “which is more of intuitive label, as Knight is like a: “rescuer in utterly critical conditions” and transformer is: “Bus seen in a sky.” The transformation that are provided to make these cargos bear an uplift thrust, is by assembling eight rotors, four on each sides. These rotors are controlled precisely to provide specific aerodynamic push to achieve  vertical takeoff and landing abilities. Aerodynamically, position of these rotors would play a vital role for the whole flight; that is for takeoff these rotors will spring out, for driving through narrow streets the rotors will fold in and for high speed these will lean forward.