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Four Electrical Tips for Budding Creatives

The rise of the bedroom electrical mechanic has seen some incredible and imaginative projects get off the ground in recent years. From the simple Lego Mindstorms coding and creating package, to far more complex DIY computer terminals and robotics projects, all of these exciting undertakings have come about because individuals and groups have learned key electrical skills. In this piece, then, we’ll look at what skills you might need to cover and understand before you embark on your own creative project using electrics, computers, and devices in your home.


This piece couldn’t be written without a firm nod towards safety. Playing with electricity is a big no-no – and there has to be tight safety around the use of your electrical technology in your home. Remember that electricity isn’t just an electrocution risk: it can also cause fires in your home if wires are left unattended. It’s paramount that you observe proper electrical safety in your home, including taking an electricity safety course in your local college, or online. Take no risks, and wear protective equipment, in order to enjoy your time creating without the risk that goes along with it.

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Finding equipment

All electrical projects require a number of different materials and components in order to get off the ground. At school, you might remember how you built electrical circuits: with simple wires connected to a battery and a lightbulb, you saw how current flows around a circuit. The same basic rules apply to all of your future builds: you need your connects to create that flow of current. This means buying plenty of wires, and using other equipment such as solid state relays, in order to be equipped to build the electrical circuit that you’ve thus far been imagining.

Download blueprints

There are hundreds of thousands of creatives using electricity in the world around you – and you can find them online, sharing their projects step by step, and showing you blueprints of how they managed to succeed in certain projects. This is a great inspiration for you and your aspirations: a wealth of information is already stored online, and you’ll able to cut a few corners in your design by mimicking the work of others. This means scouring the Internet for projects like yours, and downloading materials to help you succeed in your won build, drawing inspiration from others across the Internet.

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Finishing touches

Now that you have your equipment and you have a basic design sketched out that you’ve checked against the designs of others online, it’s time to build. This is one of the most exciting parts of your project, involving a few sparks and the use of your soldering iron to connect wires to switchboards, microchips, and other parts of your device. Maintain electrical safety at all times in order to enjoy your creation process without worry or anxiety. As you’re adding the finishing touches – like giving your electrical circuit a casing – you’ll be able to use it in and around your home.

Have fun with the wonders of electricity with the simple tips outlined in this article – showing you how to get to grips with electrical creations.