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50+ HD Earth Wallpapers To Download For Free

Here we present 50 Earth backgrounds in HD that you can use as a wallpaper for your desktop. These wallpaper put in the perspective the amazing beauty of our planet. These wallpapers are a wonderful combination of the human creativity and its artistic abilities. The download procedure is quite simple. Once you choose an awesome wallpaper simply click on it to enlarge it and then download it. After that you can easily set  it as the background for your device.

We know that earth is a planet of the Solar System and it is the third planet with regards to the distance from Sun. It is the fifth largest planet, both in size and mass. It is the only plant in the Solar system  that has the signs of the life on it.

Earth also interacts with other objects in space most notable with Sun and Moon. We very well know that Earth orbits around the Sun in about 365.26 solar days. The axis on which the Earth rotates is slightly tilted that is what accounts for the variations in the seasons on the surface of the Earth. It is due to the change in the seasons that we celebrate many different festivals. There are places where you have the days and the nights of six months each. The only natural satellite of Earth is Moon that rotates around it since 4.5 billion years. The atmosphere and the climate on the Earth has been heavy influenced by the bombardment of the asteroids during its life. However, now the issues of Global warming and the ozone layer depletion are negatively impacting the atmosphere and there is a strong urge to resolve these problems.

The Earth has the distinction of being the only known planet in the Solar system that has the signs of life, human beings, flora and fauna on it. Many beautiful and diverse cultures have developed on this beautiful planet. Its all two amazing. The science that studies the Earth is called geology.

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For those who might be interested animated Wallpaper – Earth View from the ISS


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