Dedicated Server

Dedicated servers 101

Not very long, many people used to think that the available web hosting options were so costly, and they believed that such options were only relevant to people of a different social class. However, with time the belief about cost began to fade away, and today, most people are enjoying the hosting options available. One of them is dedicated servers. You could probably be asking yourself what they are precisely and who they fit. That is the question this article answers. Take a close look and continue reading to understand the concept.

What is a Dedicated Server?

From the word “Dedicated,”’ you can guess what dedicated servers are-precisely being specific. If you are a private person who does not like sharing some things with others, then a dedicated server is the perfect option for you. It refers to a server dedicated explicitly for your website, and no one else shares it with you. According to Joe Oesterling, Chief Technology Officer at Liquid Web, states, “Dedicated servers are premier hosting solutions. They can be set up and configured in almost any capacity to handle the needs of any website or product. Dedicated servers can be custom built and allow unlimited access to the hardware, making anything possible on your dedicated server.”

Furthermore, sharing your server with others will not be a perfect option considering that it slows down your operations. Having a dedicated server will guarantee you the reliability you have been looking for. It’s an option worth going for if you have been looking for an affordable option, especially if you start.

What are they used for?

Dedicated servers host websites, applications, and other related services for a single hosting client. For instance, if you own a blog, you can opt for a dedicated server to help you make your website function effectively. Dedicated serves are the best in terms of reliability. They are also ideal if you deal with a large volume of data that needs fast processing. Dedicated servers can also enable you to offer Software -as- a service (SaaS) to various companies, making them focus only on their Software instead of worrying much about its infrastructure concerns.

What’s the difference between a dedicated server and a VPS?

The discussion onVPS vs dedicated servers is broad. However, a summary will make you understand better. If you want to choose between a dedicated server and VPS (Virtual private servers), you should take time and weigh the difference between the two. First, the vital thing to consider is cost. Using a dedicated server is quite costly. However, VPS is less expensive in terms of running various operations in it. A dedicated server also performs better in terms of performance depending on the hardware, while a VPS does excellent because it does not rely on any hardware setup. Considering data security, a VPS is highly secured while a dedicated server experiences maximum protection, making it better in terms of data storage.

When should you use either one?

That is majorly dependent on your preference and the kind of work you want to do. However, a dedicated server will serve you better in times of massive data processing. It’s also best when you need a reliable server.

If you haven’t understood how dedicated servers and other options work, the above information should brace you better.