Corrupt video files  Fix it here

Corrupt video files? Fix it here

Just about everyone in this world must have encountered the problem of corrupted video files. Where video files are the best way to capture memories and important days, it is also true that they get very easily damaged. There is nothing quite as heartbreaking as finding your favourite video corrupted.

Though it appears that videos and photos are the simplest forms of media, it is not true. A video has both audio and picture components and there is a lot of unique coding involved. With such complex internal architecture, there are so many reasons for your file to end up corrupted.

Why does a video file get corrupted?

· Unexpected power failures

If your device shuts down abruptly while the video is being played or transferred in the background, there is a high chance of the video getting damaged. This is because a video file has tiny bits of current signals and an unexpected power-off may lead to faulty or incomplete transportation of the signals. You must always have a battery backup for your machine.

· Not turning off the device properly

The same kind of damage occurs when you don’t turn off your machine properly. There is a reason why every operating system has a shutdown button. When you don’t turn off your device properly, you will not only end up with a corrupted file but in the worst case, you may also lose some data.

· Memory card issues

You won’t believe it, but your video can get corrupted because of your memory card as well. Error messages such as ‘card cannot be used’ are only too common. The most common reason behind these errors is improper ejection of the memory card from the device.

Removing the memory card when the video is still being played or recorded can lead to video corruption. The only way of correcting a corrupted memory card is to format it. This obviously leads to data loss. Keeping a backup of your videos is always a good practice. Check out this article to know how to uncorrupt an SD card.

· Changing the file’s format

At times, when you forcefully try to change a video file’s format, your video may get corrupted. This is all the more common when you pass your video through an online converter or editor. Not every file format is supported by every application.

In case you are using an online converter or editor, make sure that it is from a well-known source. Also, check that it is compatible with your file’s format.

· Broken header

If your file’s header does not play, there is no chance of your video playing. Similarly, if you have tampered with any other component such as metadata, then your video can get corrupted.

· Faulty storage location

Your computer takes up your file, splits it into chunks of 8 bytes, and stores them all over your hard disk. This essentially means that even a small faulty sector of your hard disk may corrupt the entire video file.

· Presence of malware

A malware or a virus in your device can attack your video file and leave it damaged. A proper anti-virus software is a must for your computer.

· Erroneous downloads

Often when you download a video file, the file may not play. This may happen if your internet connection is poor. Files downloaded from unreliable sources may not work as well.

How do you fix a corrupted video file?

Now that you have ended up with a corrupted video that refuses to play, you must be thinking about what you should do with it. Hold on a second before deleting it. Your favourite video can still be fixed. Here are a few ways which will help you repair GoPro video.

Digital Video Repairing Tool

The easiest way of repairing your corrupted video is by using a digital video repairing tool. There are hundreds of tools in the market that claim to successfully repair your damaged video. But, unfortunately, not all of them function properly. However, there’s one tool that can fix all your video related problems and that is Wondershare Video Repair tool.

From your header issues to audio-video sync, Wondershare can fix it all. This video repairing tool is not only safe but is also capable of maintaining your videos’ original quality. What’s more, it supports a whole lot of video file formats! The next time you come across a corrupted video, don’t stress. Let Wondershare take care of it!

Use VLC to repair your corrupted videos

The VLC media player is one of the most popular softwares to play videos. Of course, you must have used it to play your videos, but have you ever thought that VLC could fix your corruption issues as well. VLC has an automated repair system for uncorrupting video files with .AVI extension.

VLC also has a built-in file format converter which allows you to convert your file to a .AVI file. You just have to set the preferences as ‘always fix’ and play the file. Your work is done. VLC will automatically repair your damaged video.


It’s true that repairing a video file is totally possible, but it is still better to exercise some precaution. For instance, you must always have a backup of your videos and treat your memory cards and devices with care.