Confide Lets You Slander Your Boss Safely Without Getting Caught-

Confide Lets You Slander Your Boss Safely Without Getting Caught

Confide can truly be termed as the Snapchat for the office hours. This smartphone app allows you to interact with your colleagues in a confidential manner, the texts will fade in a few seconds. Discover without delay more about this interesting app.

While at work, it is considered dangerous to send personal messages to your favorite colleague, complaining and badmouthing about your boss. But this phenomenon may be a thing of the past, because with Confide, there is no risk that your small business secrets can get exposed to your boss desk! This application has been designed by John Brod and works on the principle of ephemeral communication, which has made Snapchat such a success among the teenagers. The message will automatically disappear after a few seconds. Here it is not the pictures that they share but rather little texts or written documents. And unlike Snapchat, you can not perform a screen capture to save the message, since your fingers will stay glued to the screen to make the words appear gradually. The application was designed to make professional communication messages more confidential. Specially, for those who fear that their messages can be seen by their boss who could misinterpret.


We really feel that it is a useful application, as exposing of confidential messages between the colleagues to the boss can have dire conseuquence. There are instance when people were fired from the job for badmouthing their boss. And you, would you like to use such app at your work?