Bee Venom: The miracle cure against AIDS virus?


The scientists have discovered that a combination of nano-particles and a toxin in bee venom can prevent or even cure AIDS. This can be the long awaited miracle cure against AIDS. The experiments carried out in School of Medicine Washington University in St. Louis laboratories, have shown promising results for  cure against AIDS.

Bee venom contains a potent toxin called Melittin. It has the ability to penetrate the protective walls of the AIDS virus and destroy it. However, Melittin can also damage healthy cells. This can be prevented by combining Melittin with nano-particles that can act as “protective bumpers”. Normal cells in contact with the nano-particles bounce off while the smaller AIDS virus passes between the bumper and is then destroyed by the toxin.

“We are exploiting an inherent property of HIV,” said Dr. Hood, the scientist leading the study, “The virus needs a protective coating that is a bilayer membrane that covers it. Theoretically, it is impossible for the virus to adapt to it.”

The researchers plan to use this new technique as vaginal gel to prevent AIDS contamination in the countries most affected by AIDS virus. “This gel will also enable the couples where one member is infected to have a healthy baby”, says Dr. Joshua L. Hood.