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Balloon Mounted Turbine Not Only Produces Electricity But Also Provides Internet

Electricity has become a basic human need nowadays and its importance is unquestionable though. Well, the turbines are one of the basic sources of electricity production. Turbines produce electricity from water, wind and many other resources. Recently, a floating turbine is designed which is mobile in nature and can provide electricity and internet access to remote areas. This floating turbine is balloon mounted and looks like a big weather forecasting balloon. The basic motive to devise such a turbine is to provide electricity and internet facilities to those villagers who are far away from the grids.

These turbines might be assumed as wind farms as they work on wind energy. It is anticipated that the technology will be available soon. Altaeros Energies have developed this floating turbine. The driving force to make such design is to take advantage of winds at the height of  2000 feet. It is estimated that the efficiency of these turbines is twice as compared to ground-based turbines. They might bring revolution in the energy sector as they are easy to deploy and mobile as well. Hence, they can be easily installed anywhere. The ropes with which balloon is attached are infact cables to supply electricity below.

balloon mounted turbine
This wind turbine is balloon mounted to provide not only electricity but also internet access and weather information
Altaeros Enegies
the first prototype of balloon mounted turbine by Altaeros Energies
High altitude Energy generation
Energy Generation at high Altitude

A number of benefits can be taken from this balloon as they can serve as weather monitoring and  real time temperature data collection centers, Wi-Fi hotspots and even base station for cellular services. The turbine has helium inflated case which makes it suitable for the use in hard atmospheric situations both in summer and winters. It can be used in areas where sun keeps on blazing too much and even can be installed where heavy snow covers the land. Wherever you install these turbines; you can get internet, electricity and data about weather conditions immediately.

wind turbine with balloon
turbine can be mounted anywhere

Let’s hope this technology revolutionises not only the world’s energy sector but also in communication. It has a big potential to combat the energy crisis and one day we hope to see the floating turbine everywhere.