An Artist Superimposes The World Of War With That Of Religion By Making church-Tanks

An Artist Superimposes The World Of War With That Of Religion By Making church-Tanks-3

Through his amazing artistic juxtapositions of tanks and churches, Kris wants to express his opinion about the often ambiguous relationship between the religion and the war. We share with you these artworks having a notion of criticism.

Kris Kuksi is a sculpturist from the state of Missouri in the United States. The series of photographs entitled “Churchtank” falls in line with his previous works which make references to the gods and goddesses of antiquity and questions the religion and morality. The artworks of Kris offer a unique combination of the essence of Baroque art and modern industrial world with a notion of satire. Enough talk, now time for pictures!

kris-revisits-the-art-baroque-a-through-the-beautiful-sculptures-CONTROVERSIAL deglises8

kris-revisits-the-art-baroque-a-through-the-beautiful-sculptures-CONTROVERSIAL deglises7

kris-revisits-the-art-baroque-a-through-the-beautiful-sculptures-CONTROVERSIAL deglises9

kris-revisits-the-art-baroque-a-through-the-beautiful-sculptures-CONTROVERSIAL deglises6

kris-revisits-the-art-baroque-a-through-the-beautiful-sculptures-CONTROVERSIAL deglises4

kris-revisits-the-art-baroque-a-through-the-beautiful-sculptures-CONTROVERSIAL deglises11

kris-revisits-the-art-baroque-a-through-the-beautiful-sculptures-CONTROVERSIAL deglises12

kris-revisits-the-art-baroque-a-through-the-beautiful-sculptures-CONTROVERSIAL deglises10

kris-revisits-the-art-baroque-a-through-the-beautiful-sculptures-CONTROVERSIAL deglises3

kris-revisits-the-art-baroque-a-through-the-beautiful-sculptures-CONTROVERSIAL deglises5

If you enjoyed this series, we invite you to find all the works of Kris Kuksi on his website

This is a selection of really controversial sculptures: these two worlds seem total opposites to one another but yet combined perfectly in the creations of Kris. What do you think is the message behind these artworks?