Amazing Pieces Of Artworks From Toilet Paper Rolls (Photo Gallery)

We use toilet paper rolls everyday but often we overlook the enormous possibilities of using these rolls to produce beautiful pieces of artwork.

The artist Anastassia Elias , who usually practices painting and illustration began this project, known as Rolls, for creating artwork from toilet paper few years back. This work is now available as a book. She explains that this all began when one day she looked inside an empty roll and wondered what she could do with it.

Well, she decided to turn these rolls into a real miniature world with very specific themes such as dancing, climbing, Paris, pre-history or holidays. These are the topics we think about while we are in toilet. “I cut small shapes of paper and put it inside the toilet paper tube. I use tweezers to manipulate these pieces of paper. I select the paper of the same colour as the roll which gives the illusion of the same material. It takes me few hours to make one piece”.

Anastassia Elias-Toilet Paper Rolls Art Anastassia Elias-Toilet Paper Rolls Art Anastassia Elias-Toilet Paper Rolls Art toilete-paper-rolls-art-4 toilete-paper-rolls-art-5 toilete-paper-rolls-art-6 toilete-paper-rolls-art-7 toilete-paper-rolls-art-8 toilete-paper-rolls-art-9 toilete-paper-rolls-art-10 toilete-paper-rolls-art-11 toilete-paper-rolls-art-12 toilete-paper-rolls-art-13 toilete-paper-rolls-art-14 toilete-paper-rolls-art-15 toilete-paper-rolls-art-16 toilete-paper-rolls-art-17 Anastassia Elias-Toilet Paper Rolls Art

We will not see our rolls of toilet paper in the same way now.  What do you think you can make with toilet paper rolls?