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Air Conditioner Maintenance Tips to Keep Your AC Blowing Cold

Your AC is one of the most important devices in your home in the middle of the summer. However, it is prone to failure sooner or later. Right now, let us take a close and detailed look at six air AC maintenance tips to keep your AC blowing cold.

Use in moderation

To start things off, it’s best to use your AC in moderation. It can be tempting to leave your air conditioner on from dawn to dusk on the hottest summer days. However, this takes a serious toll on the device. Before long, your AC will start overheating and undergo permanent damage to its system. In general, three hours is a good threshold to think about. After three hours, either turn it to a lower setting or turn the air conditioner off completely. You’ll find that your home stays cool for a surprising duration after turning things off, and in fact, this is a powerful technique called supercooling. By keeping your doors and windows shut, you can trap cold air inside for a prolonged period.

Don’t set too cold

Next, you don’t want to set your AC too cold either. Every air conditioner has a maximum capacity that cannot be surpassed. If the difference between the outside temperature and your desired temperature is too great, your AC will already be maxed out and won’t attain your desired temperature. Do the appliance a favor and turn the temperature up by a few degrees. Once again, you’ll put less strain on the system and reduce the chance of overheating. This isn’t only applicable in the midst of summer. In the spring, you already want to begin this good practice. By making sacrifices earlier in the year, you’ll be able to maximize your AC’s cooling when summer arrives.

Change filters

The filter inside your AC is one of the most important parts of the device. Without a filter, dust and other particles will circulate through your air and pose serious health hazards. However, filters don’t last forever. You need to change them periodically to get rid of all the junk that has built up. You’ll find that the airstream becomes stronger and your home becomes colder than ever. Changing a filter is extremely easy. Simply unlatch the previous filter, take it out, and push the new one in. If your filters are reusable, you can wash them down and stick them right back into the appliance. Just make sure that they are relatively dry before reinstallation.

Wipe up condensation

An AC is all about cooling, and condensation naturally forms in and around the appliance. While a little bit of water isn’t a big deal, you shouldn’t let large puddles of water sit for extended periods. This can deteriorate the shell of the AC and cause permanent and irreversible damage. Use a dishtowel to wipe up this condensation if you notice water starting to collect.

Seek repair

At a certain point, you shouldn’t hesitate to seek repair for your AC. Even if you follow all of these tips perfectly, these devices have lifespans that cannot be ignored. Professional maintenance is just around the corner and shouldn’t be underestimated. A team of professionals can repair your AC in just a couple of hours. Although you will have to pay some money out of your pocket, it can be well worth it in the long run. During the initial consultation, tell the experts how long you have had the system and any repairs history. It’s not a bad idea to mention how frequently you use the air conditioner and a brief description of your home’s layout. The technicians will be able to consider all the above factors and get started on a repair right away.

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Clean coils

Last but not least, you need to clean your air conditioner’s coils once in a while. These coils can get very dusty and coated with rust. When the coil isn’t operating at its optimal efficiency, there is simply no way that your home will become cold. The inside temperature will be fighting against the outdoor temperature, and overall, you won’t notice much cooling. Cleaning coils is very straightforward, as well. Simply use an old rag to wipe down the coils’ exterior and make them look brand new. Don’t be afraid to use a bit of pressure on these coils. While they might seem to be on the fragile side, the coils are actually super durable on the inside.


In conclusion, these are a couple of great air conditioner maintenance tips to keep your AC blowing cold. When things heat up, you simply can’t afford for your AC to break down. Follow these tips to keep it in good shape for you and your family.