A Wind-Powered Car Built By A Chinese farmer


An old Chinese farmer, aged 55 years, has built a unique car that is powered by wind. This invention may turn around his fortunes to make him a millionaire. Previously, there have been attempts to power cars using alternative energy sources.  However, the invention of Tang Zhengping is unique as it is partially powered by wind and can reach a top speed of 90 mph (140km/ph). The car was built in record time of three months and is 1m high and 3m long.

The car is different from traditional electric cars as it runs on generator and batteries. The generator is connected to a large spinning fan in front of the vehicle. When car is in motion or there is wind  the fan moves and the generates electricity. The electricity is also generated by two solar panels on the  back of the car. This electricity enables the one set of the batteries to be charged while the other set of batteries is running the motor of the car. The batteries need to be charged every two days.  “It goes at a maximum speed of 140kmph and lasts longer than an electric car, which usually doesn’t have generators,” says Mr.Zhengping.