A Fantastic Show Of Light As LED Fitted Car and Drones Dance While Circling (Video)

A really awe-inspiring video that shows us what happens when many quadcopters as well as a car,  are fitted with lights and then made to move and dance around in circles. While at the same time a long exposure camera is filming them. It can be deemed as if we are painting light whereas the drones and the cars are acting as paintbrushes.

GMUNK is the director of this Creators Project. According to him, here light is a striking way of representing speed when it is captured with the help of long exposure photography. It represents the motion path of an animation program. This help us to quantify the attributes like maneuverability, as  well as speed, in a way that can be easily interpreted in a digestible manner. Fitting all the machines taking part in the show with LEDs helps us to play with the light painting.  This enables us to use them as paintbrush and try all the combinations that are possible in this regard.