Couple Sells Its Child To Buy IPhone 1

A Chinese Couple Sells Its Child To Buy An iPhone

A Chinese couple sells their daughter to buy an iPhone

A young Chinese couple is liable for criminal prosecution for selling its daughter to buy an iPhone and other luxury phones, as stated by the official press on Friday.

The father and mother of the girl are suspected to have posted the announcement on the internet for the adoption of their daughter and then reached a settlement with the buyer.Their announcement demanded 30,000 yuan (3,600 euros) against their child, but the exact amount after negotiation has not been made public. Then the couple used this money to acquire an iPhone, expensive shoes and other luxury items. They told police that they did it, so that their daughter had a better as compared to what they had lived as a child life.Trafficking of women and children remains widespread in China due to the restrictive one-child policy and the demographic imbalance between the sexes.