7.9 Questions-Chapter 7

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  1. Which layer is right below the Application layer?
    a) Transport
    b) Internetworking
    c) Link Layer
    d) Obtuse layer
  2. What kind of document is used to describe widely used Application layer protocols?86
    a) DHCP
    b) RFC
    c) APPDOC
    d) ISO 9000
  3. Which of these is an idea that was invented in the Applica-
    tion layer?
    a) 0f:2a:b3:1f:b3:1a
    c) www.khanacademy.com
    d) http://www.dr-chuck.com/
  4. Which of the following is not something that the Application layer worries about?
    a) Whether the client or server starts talking first
    b) The format of the commands and responses exchanged across a socket
    c) How the window size changes as data is sent across a socket
    d) How data is represented as it is sent across the network to assure interoperability.
  5. Which of these is an Application layer protocol?
    a) HTTP
    b) TCP
    c) DHCP
    d) Ethernet
  6. What port would typically be used to talk to a web server?
    a) 23
    b) 80
    c) 103
    d) 143
  7. What is the command that a web browser sends to a web
    server to retrieve an web document?
    a) RETR
    c) 404
    d) GET
  8. What is the purpose of the “Content-type:” header when you retrieve a document over the web protocol?
    a) Tells the browser how to display the retrieved document
    b) Tells the browser where to go if the document cannot be found
    c) Tells the browser whether or not the retrieved document is empty
    d) Tells the browser where the headers end and the content starts
  9. What common UNIX command can be used to send simple
    commands to a web server?
    a) ftp
    b) ping
    c) traceroute
    d) telnet
  10. What does an HTTP status code of “404” mean?
    a) Document has moved
    b) Successful document retrieval
    c) Protocol error
    d) Document not found
  11. What characters are used to mark up HTML documents?
    a) Less-than and greater-than signs < >
    b) Exclamation points !
    c) Square brackets [ ]
    d) Curly brackets { }
  12. What is a common application protocol for retrieving mail?
    a) RFC
    b) HTML
    c) ICANN
    d) IMAP88
  13. What application protocol does RFC15 describe?
    a) telnet
    b) ping
    c) traceroute
    d) www
  14. What happens to a server application that is sending a large file when the TCP layer has sent enough data to fill the window size and has not yet received an acknowledgement?
    a) The application switches its transmission to a new socket
    b) The application crashes and must be restarted
    c) The application is paused until the remote computer acknowledges that it has received some of the data
    d) The closest gateway router starts to discard packets that would exceed the window size
  15. What is a “socket” on the Internet?
    a) A way for devices to get wireless power
    b) A way for devices to get an IP address
    c) An entry in a routing table
    d) A two-way data connection between a pair of client and server applications
  16. What must an application know to make a socket connection
    in software?
    a) The address of the server and the port number on the server
    b) The route between the source and destination computers
    c) Which part of the IP address is the network number
    d) The initial size of the TCP window during transmission

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