5.5 Questions-Chapter 5

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  1. What does the Domain Name System accomplish?
    a) It allows network-connected computers to use a textual name for a computer and look up its IP address
    b) It keeps track of the GPS coordinates of all servers
    c) It allows Regional Internet Registries (RIRs) to manage IP addresses on the various continents
    d) It assigns different IP addresses to portable computers as they move from one WiFi to another
  2. What organization assigns top-level domains like “.com”, “.org”, and “.club”?
    a) IANA – Internet Assigned Numbers Authority
    b) IETF – Internet Engineering Task Force
    c) ICANN – International Corporation for Assigned Network Names and Numbers
    d) IMAP – Internet Mapping Authorization Protocol
  3. Which of these is a domain address?
    a) 0f:2a:b3:1f:b3:1a
    c) www.khanacademy.org
    d) @drchuck
  4. Which of these is not something a domain owner can do with
    their domain?
    a) Create subdomains
    b) Sell subdomains
    c) Create new top-level domains
    d) Assign an IP address to the domain or subdomain

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