Striking landscapes of earth from space form artworks

18 Striking Landscapes Of Earth As Seen From Space Look Like Artworks (Photo Gallery)

The photographs of the Earth when taken from space at unique angles show us a completely novel view of earth. We see that the these landscapes are real works of art. We present to you these 18 photographs to show the splendor of earth landforms.

1. The Namib Desert

The Namib Desert

The blue and white part is the course of dry river Tsauchab. The dark dots represent the vegetation clumps around the river bed while the salt deposits and sediments are represented by the white parts. A 45 km long road can be seen on the photograph from left to right.

2. Venice


In this picture we see the islands that make up the famous Italian city of  Venice. The famous Grand Canal running through the city is also visible, as well as St. Mark’s Square. If you look closely you can see the boats that serve as transportation for tourists and residents.

3. The Algerian Sahara

The Algerian Sahara-Striking-Landscapes-of-Earth-from-space-as-artworks-12

The image shows the extraordinary landscape of Tanezrouft Basin, one of the most desolate regions of the Sahara Desert in the south-central Algeria. The area is known as the “land of terror” because of its lack of water and vegetation.

4. Imperial Valley, California

Imperial Valley, California-Striking-Landscapes-of-Earth-from-space-as-artworks-14

Also called  Imperial Valley, it is a vast agricultural plain where farmers grow vegetables and fruit. It extends 80 kilometers from north to south.

5. Plentiful plankton

Plentiful plankton-Striking-Landscapes-of-Earth-from-space-as-artworks-15

This image captures a huge plankton bloom larger than Greece, which extends through the Barents Sea, from the northern tip of Europe.

6. The Amazon rainforest of Brazil

The Amazon rainforest of Brazil-Striking-Landscapes-of-Earth-from-space-as-artworks-13

This photograph shows the river Juruá that traverses the rainforest in western Brazil.

7. Scandinavian snow

Scandinavian snow-Striking-Landscapes-of-Earth-from-space-as-artworks-19

Clouds cover the North Sea and extend down to the strait between Denmark (lower right corner) and Norway (top center). In the upper right corner, a thick blanket of clouds covers the South-Eastern Norway and extends till Sweden. Located on the Scandinavian Peninsula, Norway is the northern most country of Europe.

8. The “treasure” Peninsula of Kazakhstan

The "treasure" Peninsula of Kazakhstan-Striking-Landscapes-of-Earth-from-space-as-artworks-16

The image shows a plain covered with low vegetation. The road layouts in the lower left portion of the image represent the oil fields of Karakuduk . The white squares show where the oil wells are located.

9. The Palouse region

 The Palouse region-Striking-Landscapes-of-Earth-from-space-as-artworks-18

The area is part of the region of Palouse, an agricultural area which produces mainly wheat and legumes. The picturesque landscape has sometimes been compared to that of Tuscany, Italy.

10. The Ganges delta

The Ganges delta-Striking-Landscapes-of-Earth-from-space-as-artworks-111

This image shows the delta of the Ganges, the largest delta in the world. The delta plain is about 350 km wide along the Bay of Bengal and is formed by the convergence of the Ganges , the Brahmaputra and the Meghna rivers.

11. Agricultural structures in Kansas

Agricultural structures in Kansas-Striking-Landscapes-of-Earth-from-space-as-artworks-17

The cultivated land is divided into circles and rectangles because of the different types of irrigation systems. False colors make mostly red and brown vegetation in this image, which allows a better differentiation between different types of vegetation.

12. The driveway of the Iceberg Canada

The driveway of the Iceberg Canada-Striking-Landscapes-of-Earth-from-space-as-artworks-110

This Iceberg Alley located in the region of  Labrador in  Canada was formed after the collapse of a portion of a glacier, which then formed the pieces of ice.

13. The Al Jawf oasis in Libya

The Al Jawf oasis in Libya-Striking-Landscapes-of-Earth-from-space-as-artworks-112

The city can be seen in the upper left corner, while large irrigated agricultural plots appear on the image.

14. The south-central Romania

The south-central Romania-Striking-Landscapes-of-Earth-from-space-as-artworks-113

The photographed area shows the geographical transition between the Carpathians and the lowland plains of the South. The pattern resembling tree branches show the result of erosion along the rivers and streams of the region.

15. Siberian snow

Siberian snow-Striking-Landscapes-of-Earth-from-space-as-artworks-114

In the lower left corner, we can see the river Yenisei, which flows northward into the Kara Sea. The Yenisei is considered the border between East and West Siberia. The majority of the photo area shows the Arctic Circle, an area where the ground is permanently frozen (called permafrost ).

16. The golden curves in Iran

The golden curves in Iran-Striking-Landscapes-of-Earth-from-space-as-artworks-115

Here, the clay sediments have a high salt content due to the high concentration of minerals. Iran is one of the world’d biggest producers of the minerals.

17. Agricultural fields in Catalonia

Agricultural fields in Catalonia-Striking-Landscapes-of-Earth-from-space-as-artworks-116

This image captures the meticulously planned and cultivated landscapes in the autonomous communities of Aragon (West) and Catalonia, in northeastern Spain .

18. The Mississippi River Delta

The Mississippi River Delta-Striking-Landscapes-of-Earth-from-space-as-artworks-117

This image shows the largest river in the United States flowing into the Gulf of Mexico. The vegetation is shown by a striking pink appearance. Blue-green streaks are river sediment flowing into the ocean.

These series of photographs are taken from the archives of the European Space Agency ( ESA ) called  Observing the Earth (“Earth observation”). A rich collection of beautiful landscapes that never ceases to amaze us. We particularly love the spectacular Delta  Ganges and the view of  the Namib Desert. Which of these landscapes amazed you the most? If you liked this article may be you would like to read Top 55 Breathtaking Earth Landscapes As Seen From Space.

Source: Twisted Swifter