18 Funny Ad Placements That Will Make You Die Of Laughing (Photo Gallery)

The companies and businessmen always invest handsome amount of money in their advertisements campaigns, so that, their products become known and attractive for their customers. However, sometimes as a result of ironic turn of events the meaning of the advertising is completely changed. Here, we present a collection of photos presenting such funny situations.  For example, the commercial mark Starbuck becomes “Sucks” and many other examples. Enjoy!!!!

Funny Ad Placements-- Christ and Cat

Funny Ad Placements-- Proud immigrant and film poster

Funny Ad Placements

Most Funny Ad Placements-- Gun Show--Black & Unwanted0

Most Funny Ad Placements

Most Funny Ad Placements--Got A Giant Thirst-Girl

Most Funny Ad Placements

Most Funny Ad Placements--Boobs As TyresMost Funny Ad Placements--Starbucks Sucks


Funny Ad Placements-Nestle on dustbin

Most Funny Ad Placements--Prostitution Ad and where is Daddy

Most Funny Ad Placements--Obesity Fatalities and junk food Ads

Most Funny Ad Placements

Most Funny Ad Placements

Most Funny Ad Placements--Turkish airline plane nose down

Most Funny Ad Placements

We loved these images and hopefully it is the same for you! Which is your favorite picture? If you know of others, feel free to share 😉