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Strange Places On Earth From Alien Planets 3

Our beautiful planet is full of diversity and a multitude of elusive and scenic places. But it also full of strange and wonderful places that seem to come from another alien world. We let you discover 14 places totally out of [...]

Dazzling Illusion Mauritius Under Ocean Waterfall 4

Despite all of the wonderful discoveries linked to our planet, there are still surprising new discoveries. The latest such discovery has been made near the south-west of island of Mauritius. It is the beautiful illusion of a waterfall that appears [...]

Lake Natron Killer Lake That Petrifies Animals 5

Nature is full of mysterious and magnificent landscapes. Among them, the terrifying African Lake Natron, with its reddish area that lures the animals, resulting in their petrification. We invite you to discover this deadly lake using somewhat distressing photos of the [...]

Bizarre Landscapes Of Socotra Island 1

There is a mysterious island off the coast of Yemen that contains the most bizarre landscapes which remained isolated for million of years and can not be found elsewhere on Earth. The trees and plants have the most odd appearance [...]

The wild Natural life is very cruel and competitive. A slight negligence by an animal can make a difference between the survival and death. However, the nature has also provided the animal with tricks so that they can hide or [...]

The selection of 20 of the most strange places from around the world is presented here. The photographs surprise us with some of the most unusual behaviours of the nature.  For example, when we see the Lake Rebta in Senegal, [...]

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