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A photographer Fubirai has discovered a paradise in the Japanese island of Fukuoka. However, this island is not a paradise for mice. Rather, it is a paradise for Cats. The cats swarm in the streets of the island and roam freely in [...]

Abominable And Bloody Bears To Design Enfants

Zombies have become very popular nowadays. Especially, after the phenomenon of "Walking Dead" and the film "Warm Bodies", now the time has come to make children as well as adults tremble by zombified "Teddy Bears". The zombie style has been [...]

On earth we can find such a beautiful places which can give us a heaven like view. It seems as if these places are pieces of heaven  and God had put some of these pieces on the earth to give [...]

The series of photographs that you are going to discover is really interesting as they highlight some of the inequalities in this world. The goal of the photographer is to highlight the differences between people who became different because of the [...]

Top Funny rabbit disguises

A rabbit is a cute animal. Except when it is five to six meters high and its teeth are like real small guillotines saws. Rabbits that you will see in this posts are nothing but a disguise. These "rabbits" will not run as [...]

The Top Cat Sweater Designs

A sweater can be very useful for your cat. Especially, in very cold seasons and environments if your cat cannot go outside to relieve herself or the internal heating of your apartment is not proper. In such case, even humans [...]

The ads make you aware of the dangers of cigarette. They change every year. With the passage their style is becoming more elegant and they are proving very effective to stop non-smokers and discourage others from starting. Here, we present [...]

Over the centuries humanity has advanced a lot. However, despite all this we cannot forget our proximity to the nature and the importance of conserving the nature. Check out the 26 unique ideas of the designers that are inspired by [...]

The wild Natural life is very cruel and competitive. A slight negligence by an animal can make a difference between the survival and death. However, the nature has also provided the animal with tricks so that they can hide or [...]

The Christmas is indeed a unique moment in the the family life of a man. This occasion enables the members of a family to see one another together, sometimes, even after a year. The Christmas is really a special event [...]

The most difficult part of making a cake is its decoration. Mostly the cake makers use cream for this purpose and embellish it with candies etc. However, nothing in terms of creativity matches the cakes presented here.  These cakes have [...]

Caffe Latte is a coffee prepared by pouring steamed milk into espresso. The Composition of Caffee Latte is two third part of steamed milk, one third part of espresso, and about 1 cm of foam. However, the foam can be [...]

Australian photographer Ben Thomas masters the "tilt shift" technique of photography. This allows him to take amazing photos of cities like Paris, Tokyo or New York. He can focuses on an area of photograph to make it sharp while other parts [...]

The world contains many awe inspiring places to discover. Unfortunately, the life is too short to go around visiting all these wonders of the world. Here we present a selection of top ten mythical places that one should visit during [...]

Have you ever dreamed of having the little cute goldfish at your home? However, this project may quickly become expensive due to the cost of aquarium and its various decorations. Here is a solution for all such guys as how [...]

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