abstract art sculptures

Awesome Ice Sculptures That Will Make Traditional Snowman Jealous-11

If the traditional snowman is emblematic of the winter, some people have been endowed with an original talent to go further by creating real and impressive ice sculptures. We present 20 of these works that give you a new dimension to [...]

Lake Michigan Pier Turns Into Ice Sculptures 17

North America contains a variety of breathtaking natural sceneries and the change of season often gives a magical touch to them. This is the case of the famous pier on the shores of Lake Michigan. Once winter arrives, it is often frozen [...]

The championship  of ice sculpture took place in Fairbanks, Alaska was once again an occasion to discover the talented artists with fabulous imagination.   Since 1988, this world championship of ice sculptures introduces artworks of hundreds of new potential artist who [...]

Amazing Sculptures Made From Books

Although, the books are meant to be the read and throughout the history the knowledge and legacy of the older generations has been passed to the younger generations by means of the books. However, some of the artists see an [...]

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