What to do with a car with blown engine?

car with blown engine

First of all… what’s a blown engine? A blown engine is the car version of heart failure. When a car contains a blown engine, that means its engine has suffered catastrophic internal mechanical damage manifested often by smoke, steam, or fire..

There are four common causes of a blown engine, a valve punching through the top of a piston, a broken rod, loss of entire engine oil or loss of coolant. A valve breaking and punching through a piston will cause incredibly hot, pressurized oil and blue smoke to shoot out of the engine.

Selling Parts From Your Car for Cash

When your mechanic tells you that you have a blown engine in your car, they’ll know that they’re delivering a news that you simply didn’t want to listen to.

The engine in your old car could be worthless now. But that doesn’t mean that the remainder of your car isn’t crammed with parts that folks out there might want!

If you’re business savvy, you’ll pull many of those parts from your car and obtain offers for them. you’ll sell car parts like:

Catalytic converters
Fuel pumps
And even tires

Your old car isn’t worth much as a whole. But once you take its parts out, you can make extra money.

Selling your car to junk car buyers

Once you’ve generated a list of junk car buyers in your area, sit down and contact them to get as many offers as you can from them.

Years ago, this would have meant calling each junk car buyer to get offers. But today, you can easily do this process by utilizing the web.

Visit the websites for the junk car buyers that you’re considering using and fill out the forms that they need to give you offers for your car. Within a couple of minutes, you’ll get a cash offer from each of those buyers so that you can weigh their various offers.

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Prepare to Sell Your Broken-Down Car

Begin by clearing all your possessions that you have in the car. This includes everything from sneakers and garments to insurance documents and anything which may be hiding under your seats.

After that’s done, take your license plates off your car and eliminate them properly. Call your auto insurance firm, too, and ask them to cancel the policy you’ve got on your car.

After that only thing you need to do is sit down and wait for the arrival of junk car buyer to pick your car up. They’ll bring a tow car with them to handle everything. They’ll also pay you cash for your car on the spot. You can take that cash and do whatever you want with it.

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