New Mind Reading Headphones Play Music According To User Mood



Sometimes it gets real frustrating and time consuming to select the music according to your mood. However, this problem has been solved by Japanese company Neurowear. It has invented a new micro mind-reading headphones that can automatically scan your brain and play the music according to your mood.

This micro min-reading system consists of an iPhone application that is connected to a bulky headphone. ┬áThe headphone contains a forehead sensor that scans the human brainwaves in order to judge the human mood. Then this information is given to the iPhone app. which searches through its media library to choose the best suited music according to user mood. If ┬áthe user mood changes the only thing he has to do is shake his head. The information is in the headphone is refreshed and the sensors scan the brain again, so that iPhone app can select a new song. This wonderful new innovative technology also has an LED diplay on the headphone to indicate user mood. An exlamation mark indicates that the user is focused, ‘zzz’ when he is drowsy and stress is indicated by a cross icon.



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