The Last Photos Of 20 Celebrities Before Death(Gallery)


Photography is an art of capturing important moments of life and immortalizing them forever. This is particularly true for the celebrities who are admired and loved by many people. Here we present a collection 20 photos which are the last photos of celebrities, taken just before their death. It is sad and painful to see that some of them died so young. However, the last photo in the gallery causes no discomfort. Anyhow, all these photos whether blurred or fine represent the history of our time.


The Last Photo Of Gandhi


The Last Photo of 2pac

Abraham Lincoln

The Last Photo of Abraham Lincoln

Albert Einstein

The Last Photo of Albert Einstein

Amy Winehouse

The Last Photo Of Amy Winehouse

Anne Frank

The Last Photo Of Anne Frank

Elvis Presley

The Last Photo Of Elvis Presley

Heath Ledger

The Last Photo of Heath Ledger

JFK-John F. Kennedy

The Last Photo Of JFK-John F. Kennedy

James Dean

The Last Photo of James Dean

Jim Morrison

The Last Photo Of Jim Morrison

Jimi Hendrix

The Last Photo Of Jimi Hendrix

John Lennon

The Last Photo of John Lennon

Keith Moon

The Last Photo of Keith Moon

Kurt Cobain

The Last Photo of Kurt Cobain

Marilyn Monroe

The Last Photo of Marilyn Monroe

Mark Twain

The Last Photo Of Mark Twain

Martin Luther King

The Last Photo Of Martin Luther King

Notorious Big

The Last Photo Of Notorious Big

Adolf Hitler

The Last Photo of Adolf Hitler




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  • rich
    Apr 17, 2015, 10:47 pm

    The Gandhi photo is not real – it’s from a movie. 1. There are no photographs of the assassination available. The assassination scenes that you saw in various movies are based on accounts given by the witnesses.

    2. The picture you see here is a shot from a 1963 British movie based on a novel by Stanley Wolpert – Nine hours to Rama. The book is a fictional account of the final 9 hours leading up to Gandhi’s assassination. The character of Godse was played by Horst Buchholz, a German actor well known for his role as Chico in Magnificent Seven. JS Casshyap played the role of Gandhi.

  • admin
    Apr 18, 2015, 10:00 pm

    Thanks for the comments!!! Will serve as update

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