Kremlevskaya station in Kazan, Russia-25 Most Beautiful Subway Stations Around The World (Photo Gallery)-17

Subway riders know well that their transit can sometimes prove to be the worst nightmare of at all times. To make this trip more enjoyable, some cities compete in imagination to give life to this fabulous underworld. We present 25 of [...]

Most Magnificent Bridges To Cross At Least Once In Your Life-17

The bridges are a part of the world's most fabulous buildings. Their design and their length and where they are located, each of these qualities have the ability to make us dreaming. We make you to discover 22 of the [...]

Spain Husky-Most Beloved Dog Breeds Worldwide-

The dog is a beloved pet worldwide. However, depending on the country, people's preferences about dogs' race vary greatly. This sometimes leads to surprising results! This study was conducted by Klooff, a social network focused on pets. The company measured the involvement of [...]

Top 17 Most Beautiful Stairs That Will Make You Dreaming-7

When talking about street art, we often imagine imposing paintings on the walls. But it's not just the buildings that are the subject of this urban art, stair treads can also become the subject of artists inspiration! We make you discover [...]

An Amazing Tiny planet Panorama Video Created Using 6 GoPro Cameras-

A young German photographer has devised an ingenious system that combines 6 small cameras connected together and placed in such a manner that gives you the impression that our planet is tiny. The effect is both amazing and immersive! Jonas Ginter is [...]

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