Reasons Why One Should Take Risks In Life-5

Taking risk is a difficult thing, but they can also lead to improving one's job prospects. Furthermore, if these risks are taken after a thorough analysis of risks and rewards, they can make your professional life more interesting! We give [...]

Enjoy Magical Walk On The Floor Of Sacre-Coeur Casablanca Illuminated By Thousands Of Colors-4

Have you ever wanted wanted to walk on an illuminated and moving floor? Visitors to a church in Casablanca had the same feeling while walking on a beautiful colorful flowerbed inspired by traditional Islamic art. We take you through this fantastic and [...]

Miners in Pittston, PA-Child Labourers-

Nowadays, the working conditions in the developed countries are very different from that of twentieth century. In addition to that, the child labour was also subjected to these painful working conditions. Lewis has compiled these series of shocking photographs showing the [...]

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