wood sculpture

Amazing Lifelike Wooden Sculptures Made By russian sergei-19

Sergei is a Russian sculptor with an incredible talent and skilfull fingers. When the timber comes under his hands, he turns it into lifelike  animals with precise depiction of their hair and feathers. We take you to the discovery of these [...]

An Artist Makes World's Most Spectacular And Longest Wooden Sculpture-3

 A sculptor has achieved the feat of creating the world'd longest and spectacular wooden sculpture by sculpting a tree trunk. We make you discover this masterpiece that represents four years of hard work.  Chunhui Zheng is a Chinese artist who recently [...]

Jeffro makes impressive sculptures made only with wood-26

Jeffro Uitto is an artist from the United States, who gives a second life to wood that he found lying around him. Indeed, he has made furniture and sculptures with some of the fantastic looks. Let yourself be seduced by this [...]

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