wireless charging

A Revolutionary One Fit For All Wireless Charging Solution for Your Gadgets--3

The recent decade has seen an explosive growth in all the different types of electronic gadgets and devices like wearable devices, cameras, smartphones etc. The amount of wearable devices is expected to triple by 2019. They are meant to make [...]

SE370: Samsung's New PLS-enabled Monitor Comes With Wireless Charging-

The recent years have seen a huge interest in the wireless charging technologies for the smartphone. This de-clutters your home and saves us from the effort of every time finding a compatible charging cable. In this regard, Samsung has included [...]

Smartphones Will Soon Be Recharged By Their Own Radio Waves-1

An energy recovery system developed by the State of Ohio University (USA), has managed to extend the battery autonomy of the smartphones by 30%. To do so, it recycles a portion of energy transmitted by the mobile radio waves to [...]

Wireless Charging

Transferring power wirelessly deep into the body of humans can revolutionize the biomedical devices. A technology is being developed in California to do all this. The technology developed has the potential to eliminate the use of heavy and boorish batteries [...]

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