Two Hidden Wind Turbines Will Power First Floor Of Eiffel Tower-3

The Eiffel Tower is certainly the best known monument of France. Today, this huge structure is undergoing modernization. Hidden inside this huge infrastructure are two wind turbines that will allow it to generate a part of energy required for itself? Of [...]

Wind Tree: A Tree Shaped Windmill That Is Also Energy Efficient-4

The energy provided by the wind is free, environmentally friendly and inexhaustible but current wind turbines are often considered too noisy, too large and change the view of landscape. A Parisian start-up has developed a tree-shaped windmill system whose leaves act [...]

Amazing Stunt Of Walking On A Tightrope Between Two Air Balloons Above Clouds-

A group of french stuntmen called skyliners are recognized by their courage and composure. Their feat of walking on a tight cable above clouds between hot balloons is really amazing. Indeed these french men decided to take a very crazy [...]

El Hierro: World's First Island To Use Renewable Energy To Meet All Its Needs-1

Using wind and hydal energy, El Hierro will be the first island to be completely autonomous in terms of its energy needs by the end of the year. We make you discover this incredible story!  We take you to the [...]

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