Scientists To Use Sheep To Provide Internet In The Countryside-1

It may be one day possible to connect to Wi-Fi in the open countryside, while looking for the nearest sheep!  Experiments have been conducted in the UK by the University of Lancaster to equip the sheep with electronic necklaces to turn [...]

This New London Tube Features Will Surely Blow Your Mind-3

In London, the first images of the new metro trains have been unveiled. This new futuristic version of trains will hit the london rail track from 2022 and are planned to reamain in service for the next forty years. Good news for [...]

Altaeros Enegies

Electricity has become a basic human need nowadays and its importance is unquestionable though. Well, the turbines are one of the basic sources of electricity production. Turbines produce electricity from water, wind and many other resources. Recently, a floating turbine [...]

Snoopy drone

Drones are already under high criticism from masses due to their military use. Now, recently a news on CNN has once again started a new debate about drone applications and their impact on common people. Recently, researchers in London have [...]

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