Simin Qiu, a young art student, has created an amazing tap! The water that flows out of the tap is formed into thin swirls and transforms the tap into a true work of art. But this tap does not only [...]

18 Most Sublime Spas Where You Would Love To Relax-14

Spas are already a very relaxing place. But when they are located in the heart of beautiful landscapes, they simply become magical. Who has not dreamed of lounging in a hot water bath in the middle of a beautiful snowy mountains or [...]

Fontus: This Amazing Bottle Turns Humidity To Water During Bicycling-3

Soon the cyclists would need not to carry a water bottle with them before a hike? This will be soon possible thanks to Fontus, a bottle that fills itself automatically. This device attaches to the bicycle and is used to [...]

Thick Fog Used To Create Hologram of Leia From Star Wars-2

Technological advances are bringing us more and more closer to science fiction with each passing day. After the famous hologram of Leia in Star Wars, here is its real counterpart created with steam. We explain to you this amazing and [...]

The Drinkable Book by Water Is Life Can Save Million Of Lives By Cleaning The Dirty Water-4

Each year 3.4 million people die because of diseases caused by contaminated water. Water is Life has attempted to remedy this problem by creating "The Drinkable Book", each page of the book is a special filter to eliminate almost all kinds [...]

Hoverboard Lets You Surf Many Meters Above And Below Water -1

A French company has developed a device called Hoverboard that allows you to literally fly over the sea. We present to you this futuristic board that will make you the master of the oceans. The company Zapata Racing, based in the [...]

Subwing: A Board That Gives You Sensation Of Flying Underwater-1

With summer already  here, many would want to enjoy boating season! The Subwing is a diving equipment that will provide you a good dose of adrenaline by giving you the sensation of flying under the water surface. We tell you more [...]

Recycle Plastic Garbage At Your Home Into Everyday Useful Objects-12

If you spend too much time every weekend, emptying your trash bin, a Dutch designer has a solution for you. He has set up a revolutionary project that will allow you to recycle your own plastic waste and turn it into [...]

LifeStraw Can Save Millions Of Lives By Cleaning Dirty Water-4

Millions of people worldwide do not have access to safe drinking water.  Hence, a Swiss company has invented a revolutionary tool: a filter straw. With it, one can now even drink unsafe water without worrying about catching diseases. We explain to [...]

A Futuristic Pool Can be Made To Appear And Disappear-2

An Israeli company had this innovative idea of ​​designing a "magical" pool that appears and disappears according to your desires. We make you discover this amazing futuristic construction! The israeli based company, Agor Creative Engineering had this cool idea to have a pool [...]

Sweat Machine Turns Your Sweat Into Fresh And Pure Water-1

UNICEF has developed a device, the sweat machine, capable of transforming your sweat into drinking water. It will be soon possible for you to collect pure water through your own physical efforts! We tell you more about this invention. Thanks to [...]

Have Researchers Discovered Water Flow On The Surface Of Mars?-3

U.S. probe Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter has observed the presence of flows on Mars. The scientists then asked the question: are they due to flow of water? We explain the theory of researchers. Scientists have long studied the possibility that there would [...]

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