A French Town Meets All Its Electricty Requirements From Its Wastes-1

For the first time in history of France, a biogas power plant that exclusively uses non-recyclable waste, has been used to provide electricity to the town. The French town in question will be soon be supplied with all its electricity [...]

Engineers Develop Power Plants That Use Nuclear Waste As Fuel-1

As the years pass, ever increasing number of nuclear reactors produce more and more nuclear. This can have severe implications for the ecological future of our planet. But now thanks to this new research, it looks if the impact of [...]

Company BlueOak Turns Your Electronic Waste Into solid gold-

While used electronic materials are being crammed into more and more landfills around the world, a company had the unique idea of ​extracting precious metals from this waste. Indeed, a lucrative and environmental friendly initiative. Approximately 50 million tons of [...]

Sweden And Norway Import Waste To Fuel Their Electrical Power Plants-5

While many countries are trying to reduce the amount of waste produced by them each year, others are in the opposite situation! Norway and Sweden, which use waste to fuel their power plants, are experiencing an unprecedented shortage of  waste that [...]

Satisfeito Fights Against Food wastage By Donating It To The Hungry-1

If you are shocked by the colossal amounts of food that end up going in the trash every day, you will appreciate this initiative. In Brazil, an anti-waste campaign has just been launched thanks to the help from normal restaurant customers. [...]

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