Amazing Virtual Reality Technology Helps Disabled Play Piano-

Japanese researchers have developed an amazing system for the disabled. Thanks to virtual reality glasses and a computer program, people unable to use their hands can now play the piano... with their eyes! We explains all about "Eye Play the Piano", [...]

Virtual Reality To Identify And Stop The Sex Offenders From Reoffending-2

Virtual reality immerses a user in a lifelike experience that is otherwise a computer-generated situation. Surprisingly, this technology will also allow us the assessment of the dangerousness of a sex offenders and the effectiveness of his treatment. We tell you [...]

Airbus Envisions A Virtual Reality Helmet For Its Passengers-1

A curious patent filed by Airbus shows a kind of headphones with built-in screen that would allow passengers to watch a movie while being completely isolated from the surrounding noise and even breathing other perfumes. The Airbus designers's have filed a [...]

World's First Virtual Touch Technology Lets You Maniplulate Virtual Objects-1

The Virtual Reality techniques have undergone an incredible evolution. Yet the sense of touch has not yet been exploited. But now, the Japanese researchers have found a way to convey the feeling of touch to the brain through images and [...]

revealing flashlight

Now it is possible to fix the worn out, damaged and old art pieces using digital recreation and augmented reality. This remarkable achievement is made possible through collaborative research of multiple universities researchers. A revealing flashlight is used to project [...]

SixenseVR SDK: A Virtual Reality Development Tool For Non-programmers-3

Virtual reality is a technology that has undergone lots of advancements in recent few years. However, this development is only accessible to the experienced software developers. A company had this bright idea of ​​creating the right tools to make the [...]

view from oculus rift made for medical staff

Engineers have made a virtual reality training program using Oculus Rift headset for military medical staff. The purpose is to train the medics the battlefield situations. Head Tracking technology makes the virtual training environment just like the real world. Not only [...]

Polish Firm's Virtual Reality Gadget

Recently, virtual reality has not only generated the interests of technology geeks but also the big companies like Sony, Facebook or even Microsoft are working on it. The main hurdle in the use of this technology is its associated cost [...]

Oculus Rift

Virtual reality has become famous for its applications in video games. Now virtual reality is being used to help the armoured vehicle drivers, as driving an armoured vehicle is really hard job when inside the hatch. The technology is being [...]

Augmented Reality Makes The Life Of Alzheimer Patients More Joyful-4

Alzheimer and dementia are two serious diseases that affect older people worldwide. While these disease are still Waiting for a cure, an Australian company is using augmented reality to make the daily life of patients more enjoyable patients. We tell you all about this [...]

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