A Fascinating Film Reveals Each Step In Preparation Of A Beretta Shotgun-18

Italy based Beretta is one of the oldest weapons manufacturers in the world, and is over five hundred years old. Using this amazing video, we are going to show you the careful steps involved in the manufacturing of Beretta shotgun. Indeed, we [...]

Amazing Video Makes Us Travel In Universe To Show Our Position In Vast Space-11

It is very difficult to realize the vastness of the universe and to help us, scientists have made a video using all the scientific information known to date by the man. Using different scales, it explains very clearly the huge [...]

Induction Forge: Video Shows The Induction Heating In Action-

Induction heating is a heating method which is based upon electromagnetic induction. Its advantage is that it can heat materials without contact with the source of energy. The inductive heat is based upon the the generation low frequency alternating eddy currents [...]

Desire: Robots Learn New Skills To Remain Competitive-4

This short animated film highlights how the life of a worker robot is turned upside down when it is faced with more efficient and competitive robot. We present you this mini-movie that shows how the robot learns to use new techniques [...]

Browse The Heights Of Los Angeles Through This Sublime Video-2

Want to escape from daily hectic routine? Well, this video has all you need! Chris has made a time-lapse video that showcases the beauty of the Los Angeles as filmed from the sky. A charming tribute to the huge City of Angels. Chris [...]

A Crazy Fan Of X-Men Invents A Portable Flamethrower To Mimic Pyro-1

If you ever dreamt of shooting the flames from your hands one day, this video may interest you a lot ;) Known for his crazy inventions, British inventor has made a portable flamethrower to mimic the powers of Pyro, the character [...]

People Experience Google Car Without Steering Wheel For The First Time-4

In the recent years, Google has been developing a driverless car. Now in an impressive video, the company has unveiled a new prototype of this car without pedals or steering wheel. We make you discover this car of the future. [...]

Discover The Most Beautiful Landscapes Of Vietnam In 3 Minutes Video-

Gabriel is a filmmaker who travels around the world whenever he gets a chance. In this video, he offers us wonderful images of Vietnam that capture the beauty of landscapes and people. A fantastic way to escape from hassles of everyday life. [...]

Evolution Of Special Effects From 1878 to 2014 In A Retrospective Video-

Since the advent of computers and digital technology, special effects in the films have entered a new age. Nevertheless, such techniques have existed since decades and have also evolved through the time. Jim has condensed more than 100 years of cinematic [...]

Discover The Most Beautiful Landscapes Of Europe In 4 Minutes-2

A family of Taiwanese tourists had a trip across Europe for more than two years. They visited more than 30 countries and took nearly 200 000 pictures to make this breathtaking video of the Old Continent. Stan Chang toured Europe with his [...]

Fascinating Video Reveals Tattoo Making Close-up-

Tattooing is an often a misunderstood art. A Parisian tattooist has made a slow motion film of the tattoo making process to make us understand the minute details of this art. We make you discover this mesmerizing video. This video has [...]

Discover The Splendour Of New York City By The Eye Of A Drone -5

It is very easy to get anywhere in New York by bus, taxi or metro and discover the "city that never sleeps." But some places are inaccessible to ordinary human beings. Here is a video filmed by a drone that takes you [...]

A Dad Gifts A Video To Her Daughter Showing Her Grow Up 14-8

A photographer Dad had this incredible idea to make a video of her daughter Lotte, deciding to film her every week for 14 years. Today, he shares an incredibly emotional and touching glimpse of these videos in just 4 minutes. It [...]

Watch The Spectacular Takeoff And Landing Of A Rocket As Filmed By A Drone (Video)-5

Takeoff of a rocket is a always an awesome spectacle both for the people who built it, and also for the general viewers. A company specialized in aerospace engineering has just put online a video of the launch and landing [...]

Reverse Tokyo: Imagine A World Where Everything Is Walking Reverse Except You-7

An artist has created a stunning concept: he moved backwards while walking in the streets of Tokyo and captured it on video. Then he reversed the video to give the impression that he was the only one to advance properly. The [...]

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